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Find your focus with lighting!

Without strong lighting direction, nothing looks good.

Learning to set up a strong foundation in the blockout stages will allow you to create stunning scenes easier.

Using the most basic "scene" set up with just some cubes and cylinders, This quick 9 minute, fully captioned tutorial will help you find beauty by using lights and shadow.

The techniques here will help you when you are in the blockout stages of creating an environment and you need to create a lighting pass to start to focus your viewers attention.

We focus on 5 points of action -

  • Using your camera to pick your shot and doing a basic set-up

  • Choosing your main directional light source to complement your composition

  • Adding additional props to create lighting "Zones"

  • Adding additional lights to highlight your points of interest

  • Replacing the blockout with final props to see the results!

This is not a full in-depth tutorial of lighting systems, but a quick art theory perspective.

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  • Duration9:00
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Find your focus with lighting!

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